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  • Piloting and data acquisition by WIFI with GeoBOX®
  • Automatic procedure - Automatic pressure lag settings
  • Perfect management of the pressure increments
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GeoPAC® manages all the different steps of a pressuremeter test according to the ISO 22476-4 and ASTM D4719-07 standards.

From the test readings (volume variation based on controlled pressure), a stress-strain curve can be obtained for the soil in the case of plane deformation.

Testing enables definition of three parameters:

- Ménard pressuremeter modulus (EM)

- Creep pressure (Pf)

- Limit pressure (Pl)


The operator enters the different parameters of the test in GeoBOX® (borehole number, depth of the test, pressure of 1st pressure stage etc…). As soon as the probe is lowered into the borehole to the required test depth, GeoBOX® can launch the test execution. From now, GeoPAC® controls all the sequences of the whole process: standard test, pressure loss, volume loss, probes bleeding. Pressure increments and pressure lag settings are also automated. During the entire process, GeoBOX® offers a monitoring of the pending test on its screen (progression, real time view of the results, line graph etc…). At any time, the operator can decide to stop the test from GeoBOX®.


  • In situ controlled loading test performed on the wall of a borehole using a cylindrical probe that expands radially
Data processing
  • Recordings can be directly edited on GeoBOX®’s portable printer
  • Data can be directly processed on our geotechnical software GeoVision® through a USB key or GPRS transfer